Befriending Nature thru Direct Experience

Earth Wisdom

Earth Wisdom

Hello All.
The new Wild Turkey Family this season seems to be befriending me.
I’ve sat in the meadow at the edge of the Forest and very still many times this season and the whole family of 20 have gradually become seemingly comfortable with me.
This morning, I eased out into the edge of the meadow and saw them about 50 yards away feeding in the wonderful wild grasses & flowers. I moved back into the Forest a short distance and soon I heard Momma softly clucking to her young. They were all around me within 15 feet…even some of the little ones came within 10 feet. Momma softly calling in three or four different calls. They are profoundly sensitive and move with such reverence.
Eden Forest Ecostery (Here where we all live in harmony) is the most at home and belonging that I have EVER felt. I am so very thankful to relate so deeply with this LOVING, INTELLIGENT AND WISE EARTH….here in this place of endless love & beauty. (Dan Shelton, July 2014)


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